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It has been an honor serving as your State Representative at the Capitol.  We can do better for Connecticut and with your support, I will continue to fight for those issues that matter to us in the 34th House District.

  • SUPPORTED budget that didn’t raise taxes
  • SPONSORED legislation to promote business growth
  • EXPANDED benefit eligibility for Veterans
  • DEFENDED district against unnecessary, unfunded mandates
  • ADVOCATED for local control and keeping small-town identity
  • RECOGNIZED for support of comprehensive legislation to combat the states opioid epidemic
  • ADVOCATED for protection of state parks/forests

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March 6, 2020Rep. Haines Supports “Balloon Bill”

HARTFORD – State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) testified before the Environment Committee on Friday, March 6th to advocate for, HB 5339 “An Act Prohibiting the Release of Helium Balloons into the Atmosphere.”
“We know that the intentional release of Helium and lighter-than-air balloons hurts our environment and presents a serious hazard to marine wildlife and birds,” said Rep. Haines.
CBIA Voting Record-Rep. Haines

August 15, 2019Rep. Haines Recognized by CBIA for Supporting Pro-Business Legislation

HARTFORD – Using key pieces of business-related legislation to rank state lawmakers during the 2019 legislative session, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association recently highlighted State Representative Irene Haines’ (R-34) perfect 100% score.
“Getting our state economy growing again is among my highest priorities,” Rep. Haines said. “We need to listen more to what our local job creators are telling us about their workforce needs, burdensome or out dated regulations, and our high costs of doing business
BUSINESS-Maple Syrup Production

May 31, 2019Rep. Haines Supports Legislation to Protect Maple Syrup and Honey Producers

HARTFORD – State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) voted in favor of SB 233 ‘An Act Concerning Cottage Food Products and the Production of Honey and Maple Syrup’ on Thursday evening May 30th.
“In our region there is renewed interest in farming and bringing natural and native products to market. Growing cottage producers and small or family farms are part of what makes Connecticut a beautiful state to live in. This legislation makes it so much easier for our agricultural businesses to grow and thrive.”
PUBLIC SAFETY-1st Responders Abatement

May 23, 2019Bill to Increase Tax Abatement for Volunteer First Responders Passes House of Representatives

HARTFORD – On Wednesday, May 22nd, legislation co-sponsored by State Representative Irene Haines (R-34), HB 5125 ‘An Act Increasing the Property Tax Abatement for Certain First Responders’ was unanimously passed the House of Representatives.
“During the public hearing we heard about the difficulties some towns and departments have had recruiting volunteer first responders,” said Rep. Haines. “Increasing this optional abatement gives towns another tool to help recruit needed emergency personnel without introducing a new heavy-handed mandate.”

May 16, 2019Rep. Haines Co-Sponsors Legislation to Classify Fentanyl as a Narcotic Substance

HARTFORD – State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) voted in favor of legislation to re-classify the synthetic opioid Fentanyl as a narcotic substance. The bill, HB 5524 An Act Increasing the Penalties for the Sale of Fentanyl, would increase penalties for the dealing and manufacturing of fentanyl and its derivatives adding them to the same category as heroin.
“The opioid crisis has touched every community in our state. Fentanyl in particular has caused hundreds of deaths,” said Rep. Haines. “Currently fentanyl classified as a non-narcotic controlled substance which doesn’t carry the same penalties as other less powerful drugs. This re-classification appropriate steps to recognize the dangers of fentanyl and hopefully deter its illegal sale and distribution.”

April 1, 2019Rep. Haines’ Pro-Business Legislation Approved by the Planning and Development Committee

HARTFORD – State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) lauded the approval of her proposed legislation, HB 5644 ‘An Act Concerning the Depreciation Schedule for Commercial Construction Equipment’ in the Planning and Development Committee on Friday, March 29th.
“Construction equipment is not depreciated under a similar percentage scale according to age like all other business equipment but is instead given a value based on similar machines listed for sale,” said Rep. Haines. “If a farmer or a quarry bought a backhoe to use in their commercial business, it would be depreciated on a scale but if the backhoe was bought by a builder, it would not.”

Rep. Haines Supports “Balloon Bill”

State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) testified before the Environment Committee on Friday, March 6th to advocate for, HB 5339 “An Act Prohibiting the Release of Helium Balloons into the Atmosphere.”

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