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    Personal Message from State Representative Irene Haines

    Proudly serving East Haddam, East Hampton & Colchester

    As your State Representative, I felt it of utmost importance to reach out to all of you, keeping you informed and gathering your thoughts and listening to your concerns. My constituents have appreciated my accessibility by holding regular coffee hours, legislative updates, and community conversations across the district. Listening to constituents, talking to people in the community, and staying engaged is my favorite part of being a State Representative. I have continued to be active in community events in all three towns of the 34th district. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the people of East Haddam, East Hampton, and Colchester.

    Working as an active member of the Education Committee, Planning & Development Committee, and the Transportation Committee, I have maintained a strong attendance record at the Capitol. My committee assignments have put me at the center of many important policy debates at the Capitol. On the Transportation Committee, I opposed tolling Connecticut drivers, voted against three different committee proposals that would have installed dozens of tolls for all drivers on limited-access highways across the state. On the Education Committee, I worked to block haphazard forced regionalization proposals, and instead focused on reducing unfunded mandates and fostering voluntary cooperation. Serving on the Planning & Development Committee, I have focused on growing our local economy and boosting economic development. After the 2019 legislative session, I am very proud that I received a 100% score from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, the state’s largest employer advocacy group.

    I am now running for re-election because I want to continue to be your voice in Hartford! There is no question that these are challenging times for all of us. Over and over again, residents have said that our state has become unaffordable. Increasing taxes, fees, and education and healthcare costs have squeezed family budgets and hurt our quality of life.

    I want to continue to advocate for affordability and stand against legislation that would make it harder for people to get ahead. Economic development and creating more opportunities for employers and employees should be at the forefront of the conversation in Hartford. We need to continue to listen to what our local job creators are telling us about workforce needs, outdated regulations, and the increasing costs of doing business. I will propose and support legislation that will positively impact our job creators on new jobs and opportunities for our young people through apprenticeship, internship programs, job shadowing in the trades, manufacturing, and education. I will continue to support our first responders, our veterans, and our seniors. I will continue to advocate for the protection of our beautiful and vibrant natural surroundings that we all call home.

    With your support on November 3rd together, we can continue working for a stronger Connecticut, and for those issues that matter to us in the 34th House District – our small businesses, taxes and state spending, our environment, and keeping our small-town identity.


    State Representative Irene Haines, 34th District Connecticut

    Irene Haines Sworn in as State Representative

    State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) was sworn in as State Representative for the 34th District, which includes the towns of East Haddam, East Hampton, and part of Colchester on Wednesday, January 9th.
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